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Lest We Forget by Dr Biakmawia (Mizoram)


Lest We Forget is an inspiring autobiography of Dr. C. Biakmawia, a testament to resilience, faith, and familial devotion. From the humble beginnings in Mizoram, where educational opportunities were scarce, to achieving remarkable milestones, Dr. Biakmawia’s journey is one of determination and divine intervention. The narrative delves into the challenges faced by Dr. Biakmawia, highlighting the scarcity of educational resources and the formidable hurdles encountered on the path to success. Through the grace of God and the unwavering support of his family, Dr. Biakmawia overcomes these obstacles, emerging as a beacon of hope for his community.


A memoir of a village boy from Mizoram: Lest We Forget by Dr Biakmawia

In Lest We Forget, the author reflects on the sacrifices made by his parents and siblings for his education and acknowledges the pivotal role of scholarships and stipends in his academic pursuits. The narrative not only highlights personal achievements but also serves as a testament to the transformative power of faith, determination, and Mizoram community support in overcoming adversity. Dr. Biakmawia’s lifelong dedication to serving others, manifested through his work in the Presbyterian Hospital and various social organizations, underscores the importance of giving back and paying forward the blessings received. Ultimately, the book is a tribute to the grace of God and a testament to the author’s lifelong dedication to serving others, with a profound gratitude for the blessings received along the way.



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