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My Encounter with Truth



You meet a child born in Fatehpur jail during India’s freedom struggle, and raised up by none other than Mahatma Gandhi himself.
You meet the son of Pushkar Temple’s chief priest.
You meet a Bible-burning student activist.
You meet a popular Bollywood actor.
You meet a politician and Member of the Indian Parliament.
Then he meets his Creator.
Being in a society filled with religions and gods, young Dharm began to question the very meaning of his existence. His insatiable curiosity led him to a deeper quest – Who is God? And how does one find Him? Dharm was on a mission. He had to find God, wherever He was.
In “MY ENCOUNTER WITH TRUTH” together with Babu K. Verghese, Pandit Dharma Prakash narrates the story of his exciting life. Dr. Babu K. Verghese, a professional journalist and historian is a Mumbai based Media Consultant. He has authored “Leharikum Appuram” (“Beyond Addiction” in Malayalam) and co-authored “Burnt Alive”, the story of the martyred missionary Graham Staines and his sons. His doctoral thesis (Linguistics) is on the Historical Development of Indian Languages and Literature.


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