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The Quest For Freedom & Dignity


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Biographical account of some Hindus who converted to Christianity.

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This book gives an insight into the history of Hinduism through stories about Hindus who converted to Christians during India’s development. These stories will take you on an enlightening journey through India’s past and show how these traditions have had a positive and negative influence on the progression over the centuries.

It also portrays the need for a cultural revolution in India which can not be obtained by force or a government’s will but only by the change in people’s hearts.

This book is a wake-up call for anyone who wants real hope for India and other developing nations. It shows that Western aid programs are often misguided because they ignore cultural differences and exploit human weakness instead of building on strength. The author offers a better way—one that begins with understanding what it means to be “human” in today’s world so we can build communities based on dignity, freedom, unity and love rather than greed, exploitation and division.


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