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The Father of Modern India: William Carey


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Is William Carey the Father of Modern India?

Hindutva is right: modern India did not come from Hinduism. That is why orthodox Hindus see it to be incompatible with Sanatan Dharma (Eternal Tradition).

Gandhi, Nehru, Ambedkar sought to uplift the downtrodden. because they were inspired by the book that William Carey injected into India’s soul.

The British East India Company fought the Mughals, the Marathas and the Maharajas to protect and grow its income. It had no interest in transforming oral dialects into literary languages to educate “low” caste persons to become scholars like Brahmins, govern as maharajas, or run businesses like merchants.

Self-sacrificing, hardworking, visionary missionaries like William
Carey created modern India because they believed the Bible that God loves India and is committed to bless it with His light.


CELEBRATE INDIA & MISSIONS: Is William Carey the Father of Modern India?

Hindutva wants to change modern India into a Fascist “Hindu Rashtra” because Christian missions brought the idea of a just, egalitarian, educated, healthy and prosperous India ruled by law. It undermined hierarchical Brahminism. The Messiah began liberating India’s downtrodden, including women, through the self-sacrificing mission of his servants, their supporting churches, allies and protégés. The Bless India Movement is researching what God has done to bless India in order to empower the Church to do God’s will today. We are now ready to publish a series of books in English and in major South Asian languages. The first, The Father of Modern India: William Carey was released on 15 August 2023.

It is a fresh take on the life, sacrifice and reformational works of legendary missionary William Carey.


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