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Missionary conspiracy


This book relates the truth of the bible to the Indian mind and culture showing a different side of christianity.

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Missionary Conspiracy consists of ten incisive letters and three historical appendices written to Mr. Arun Shourie.  This book is about the Letters written to Arun Shourie by Mangalwadi on the role of Christian missions in India. These letters refute Shourie’s case against Christian missions, demonstrating that, far from being a tool of colonialism, Western missionary efforts were a “conspiracy” to reform colonial rule and to bless India. Mangalwadi argues two situations in this book. First, missions in Indian was a “conspiracy” for good, not, as the journalist Arun Shourie argued, for the enslavement of India. Mangalwadi’s second thesis is that good Biblical theology is the most important basis of freedom and progress in any society. This book debunks what most postmodern Hindus in India believe and a vital book in the current religious polarisation of the country explaining how the missionary movement created the education system and made modern India. 



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