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Third Education Revolution

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This book explains how God’s Spirit of truth can use the power of the human brain, soul and spirit to understand and teach the truth revealed in God’s works and words. The proposed education revolution will make the church (in Paul’s words) “the pillar and foundation of the truth,” bringing wisdom to academia.


For one thousand years the Church has sent students to the university, The Third Education Revolution will enable universities and schools to send students to local churches. Digital curriculum, prepared by the world’s best experts and videographers, will also go to the Church online. Students will be mentored by Academic Pastors who will re-integrate character formation, problem solving aptitude, critical thinking and leadership skills with academic education. The community will help develop vocational skills through internship programs. The partnership of Church, university and technology will make high quality education affordable to virtually everyone.

“The Third Education Revolution is a series of essays to give you, your family, and your church the blueprint for how to create ‘Pillars of Truth’ for future generations.” (Gordon Robertson, Juris Doctor. President, The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc.)

Thought-provoking essays in this book light up the way for the Christian community to engage with the world God loves, explaining solutions that have worked in the past and offering new solutions that leverage advances in technology and modes of delivery). Here is a way to launch a new revolution in education. (Michael J. Mobley, Ph.D, Professor and Executive Director for Research and Innovation Grand Canyon University)

“The university system… is collapsing spiritually, intellectually, and financially. But, right on time, Providence brings forth this volume presenting a new model. It is sustainable spiritually and economically.” (Jerry Bowyer, Financial economist, theologian, speaker, and author)


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