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This book changed everything


The book redefines the way we look at the Bible’s transforming influence on everything that our modern world cherishes. It presents the case that the Bible transformed individuals, reformed culture and built great nations.


The Bible, Mangalwadi argues, empowered little people who challenged the might of great empires and turned tiny nations into economic superpowers. It delivered humankind from superstition and gave them the courage and confidence to reshape the world. At the root of this revolution was the acknowledgment of God’s Revelation as the only reliable guide to build our lives as well as our nations on.

In 15 well-argued chapters, Mangalwadi demonstrates the role of Revelation in areas as diverse as epistemology, language, law, economics, political offices, nations and communities, church and tolerance. 

“This book changed everything? That is a bold statement. Can any book do that? Most people have no idea of the Bible’s influence upon our world. Vishal explores history, gives evidence and powerful arguments that the modern world is inconceivable without the Bible.”  (Steve Green, Chairman, Museum of the Bible, Washington DC).

“From his Eastern perspective, Vishal helps us Westerners recover our memory and true identity. Building on his earlier book, The Book that Made Your World, Vishal here re-tells us our own story and opens our eyes to recognize the true wellsprings of our civilization. Short memories breed short-sightedness. Vishal re-roots us in the past so that we regain a vision for the future in order to be effectively engaged in the present.” (Jeff Fountain, Founder, Schuman Study Centre, Amsterdam).


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