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Dr John Scudder: World’s first Medical Missionary


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This book covers the life story of Dr John Scudder, the world’s first medical missionary to come from the US to India. He landed in Calcutta in October 1819 and then proceeded to Ceylon (Srilanka) where he started his initial work among the Tamil speaking population of Jaffna and then later came to Madras (Chennai) for the remainder of his missionary career. He came as a missionary against the wishes of his own father, who wanted him to practice in the USA. This was because Dr Scudder had a personal call by the Lord Jesus Himself to come as a missionary to India. He was obedient to that call. God honored his obedience. Throughout his life he gave equal importance to preaching the Gospel even as he treated patients of their illnesses.


Author: Dr Rajaratnam Abel. Together Dr John Scudder and his descendants served a total of over one thousand years as missionaries in India. Such a lineage of service could not be without significant contribution to the health and the Gospel work in India. The most significant contribution was the establishing of the Christian Medical College, Vellore by Dr Ida Sophia Scudder, a granddaughter of Dr John Scudder. Today it is one of the premier medical institutions of India. She handed over the institution to a registered body of Indian churches, under whose leadership the institution has continued to serve the health needs of India by producing doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

Throughout his life Dr Scudder gave equal importance to preaching the Gospel even as he treated patients of their illnesses. He always carried with him printed literature which he shared freely with those who could read.

This book is written with the hope that it would motivate many younger people of succeeding generations to serve as missionaries wherever God would call them. It is also written so that the work of this pioneer medical missionary would be brought alive as he was almost forgotten over a period of two centuries.


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